The Beacham team’s next generation. Helping us celebrate our 4-year anniversary milestone

In April 2012, Beacham commenced operations. We proudly celebrated achieving this 4-year milestone in our journey with some of the next generation of Beacham Group employees – our kids, helping with the celebrations!

Having our children involved this year reinforced one the many reasons why we and some other founders start a business and take the plunge from startup to a sustainable, growing business –

“Wanting to leave a lasting legacy for the next generation”

We can’t do this, nor would we be able to celebrate this milestone without your continued help and support.

On behalf of everyone at Beacham, thank you for being part of the journey and story thus far…

The journey thus far…From when we incubated in the corner of one of our long-term client’s offices, we had a simple vision – to introduce exceptional candidate’s who want to make a difference during their career, to growing businesses who will help make it happen.

We’re grateful to have been trusted to discretely get on with the job of achieving our vision and mission, and adhering to our core values along the way.

With the trust and support of our candidates, clients, supplier partners and many other people, we have been able to help and give back to a number of businesses and people in the West Australian community. For example, your support has helped provide scholarships, mentoring, internships, sponsorships, and advice to the next generation of ICT talent. In addition, your support of Beacham has helped various industry groups, associations and membership bodies; and a range of charities who do some amazing work in the community.

To our candidates, clients, supplier partners and everyone who has been part of our fantastic journey to date, from all of the “Beacham Group Generations”, a very BIG thank you for helping our journey to leave a lasting legacy for the next generation.

Till chapter five…

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