Do you have first aid skills? They could be more valuable than your degree

This week had our team discussing first aid in today’s workplace. It also had me thinking – imagine if every employee had regular first aid training.

All of this came about as each year, every Beacham Group employee completes a full day first aid training course as part of their ongoing training and development program.

Feedback from the team is they get great value from the training. Apart from it being a fun session where they get to poke fun at their fellow co-workers practicing their DRS ABCD on a dummy, or their skills at applying a compression bandage; on a more serious side, they learn how often first aid is required in workplaces, and out in the community. It’s probably more often than you think.

The first 10 minutes are critical. How current are your first aid skills?

As an employee, first aid skills are highly regarded by employers. Whilst they may not have the perceived value of an MBA, Uni degree or other certification, to the person you render first aid one day, your skills will be priceless.

As an employer, first aid training is an inexpensive way to enhance your employer value proposition (EVP) in a direct and indirect manner. The benefits are numerous – your staff can potentially save a life (co-worker or someone in the community as a good samaritan), to studies have shown workers are generally more safety aware, helping reduce accidents etc. The cost is not high, nor the time involved by participating employees.

Add first aid training to your induction and onboarding program

Now imagine if employers sent just their new hires on first aid training as part of their onboarding and induction program. Training can be completed in-house or offsite, and there are a number of organisations who can provide ISO quality accredited training. In Australia, St John Ambulance Australia ( are one option to consider, in addition to several other reputable organisations.

Imagine the benefits to the community if employers sent just their new hires on first aid training…

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